【整理】VOA 2013-03-26 塞浦路斯通过一项紧急援助计划



2013-4-9 14:56

【整理】VOA 2013-03-26 塞浦路斯通过一项紧急援助计划


Cyprus approves a bailout plan; U.S. forces get expanded authority to defend South Korea. I'm David DeForest reporting from Washington.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Afghanistan for talks with President Hamid Karzai, U.S. officials hope Kerry will be able to improve U.S. ties with the Afghan president who recently said U.S. forces and Taliban fighters were colluding to destabilize Afghanistan. Scott Stearn reports.

Senior State Department officials travelling with Secretary Kerry say he is not here to lecture or chide Karzai and is working instead to move beyond this incident in part by resolving some of the irritants Washington believes contributed to the president's outburst. There is an agreement on a gradual withdrawal of U.S. special forces from Wardak Province, there's also an agreement on the transfer of last prisoners held by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan with US officials saying they believe the detainees of most concern will be held securely, humanly and in accordance with Afghan law.Scott Stearn, VOA news, Kabul.

Cyprus has avoided bankruptcy by approving a bailout arrangement that includes the closing of the island nation's second largest bank. In return, Cyprus received a $13 billion bailout from its lenders. Here's Cypriot Finance Minister Michalis Sarris:

I don't think there is any denying that the Cyprus people will have to go through some tough times and will suffer the consequences of the protracted period where wrong decisions were made.

Agreement was reached today in last-minute talks in Brussels, for more on this story, visit our website at voanews.com.

Rebels in the Central African Republic say they plan to put in place a power sharing government a day after seizing the capital. Gabe Joselow reports.

Officials in the rebel coalition Seleka said they plan to install a government in CAR after driving president Francois Bozize from the capital Bangui. One of the Seleka leaders,Michel Djotodia, a former civil servant turned rebel commander says he will declare himself interim president in the meantime. The group also pledge to honor aspects of a peace agreement signed in January, including keeping the appointed opposition Prime Minister and holding elections in two to three years.13 South African soldiers stationed in CAR were killed during fighting with Seleka rebels, South African President Jacob Zuma announced the death Monday. Gabe Joselow, Nairobi.

Syrian activists say a bomb blast has wounded a top rebel commander as he visited a town in eastern Syria, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for human rights said the explosion today hit Riad al-Assad, the leader of the Free Syrian Army, who deflected from Syria's military early in the crisis. Meanwhile, mortal shells have struck the Umayyad Square in Damascus, an area that is home to military headquarters, a hotel and a state television building.

Russian authorities have searched the Moscow headquarters of the rights organization Amnesty International. It’s the latest in a wave of inspections that activists are calling state harassment. Amnesty International's Russia director Sergei Nikitin says Russian prosecutors and tax police conducted an unannounced audit of the office today, requesting documents that he says the government already has on file.

Chinese President Xi is hailing Chinese relationship with African countries, he spoke on his first visit to Africa and the first trip outside his homeland since assuming office.Mr Xi is in Tanzania where he met Sunday with his counterpart president Jakaya Kikwete,after talks,the two leaders witnessed the signing of several trade,culture and development accords.

Military officials say the United States and South Korea have signed an agreement, giving American troops an expanded role in protecting the South from North Korean attack. The pact was signed Friday by South Korea's joint chiefs of staff chairman and the commander of U.S. forces in South Korea.

Hong Kong's highest court has thrown out a case that would have given hundreds and thousands of foreign domestic workers the right to seek permanent residency. The judicial panel was unanimous in its ruling, siding with the government which argued that a favorable ruling would have resulted in overpopulation.

I'm David DeForest, more news on the Internet at voanews.com.

bailout n. 紧急救助;跳伞
authority n. 权威;权力;当局
destabilize vt. 使动摇







中非共和国的叛军表示,他们打算在控制首都一天后成立一个权力共享的政府。以下是Gabe Joselow从前方发回的报道。

反动武装联盟塞勒卡的多名官员表示,将总统Francois Bozize赶下台之后,他们将按计划在国内建立新政府。与此同时,塞勒卡的一名领导人,就任反动武装指挥官前曾是一名公务员的Michel Djotodia表示,他将担任临时总统一职。此外,塞勒卡还声称会尊重在一月份签订的和平协定的各项内容,保留已任命的反对党首相,并且每两到三年举行一次选举。南非总统Jacob Zuma于周一对外公布,13名南非士兵在与塞勒卡的交火中丧生。Gabe Joselow,Nairobi报道。







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