【整理】VOA 2013-03-31 朝鲜半岛局势紧张



2013-4-15 10:36

【整理】VOA 2013-03-31 朝鲜半岛局势紧张


Saber rattling in the Koreas continues. And in China a landslide, searchers hampered by the weather, one body recovered. I’m Marti Johnson reporting from Washington.

Pyongyang today threatened to shut down a joint industrial complex with South Korea. It’s the latest after South Korea’s National Defense Ministry issued a statement calling on Pyongyang to stop making what it calls unacceptable threats. The ministry also warned today that the South’s forces are in full readiness posture and will completely punish the North if there is any provocation. In a statement carried by the North’s official KCNA news agency, Pyongyang responded it has entered a state of war against its southern neighbor and all issues raised between the North and the South will be handled accordingly. A number of North Korean websites were apparently targeted by hackers after that announcement and have been intermittently unavailable today. In spite of the saber rattling, South Korea say it does not see a new threat. VOA’s correspondent Steve Herman has more with all means from Seoul.

Steve Herman: “Analysts note this is the first time since the 1953 armistice that an authoritative state media in North Korea has made such a declaration. Daniel Pinkston, senior analyst for Korea at the International Crisis Group, says the unprecedented declaration raises concerns about a miscalculation.“

Daniel Pinkston: “The problem is I don’t see how North Korea backs out or the way out for North Korea.“

Steve Herman: “That, he explains, is because of the isolated and impoverished state’s risky and costly militarism policy.“

Daniel Pinkston: “This is a very shrill signal, mostly for a domestic audience in North Korea for Kim Jong Un to solidify his leadership.“

Steve Herman: “The North’s young leader, Kin Jong Un, who succeeded his father Kin Jong Il, after his death in 2011, declared Friday his forces are ready in to settle accounts with the United States. Steve Herman, VOA news, Seoul.“

Russia’s Foreign Ministry is accusing Washington of meddling in its internal affairs, by channeling funds to non-governmental organizations to get around Moscow restrictions. The complaint today from Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich follows U.S. State Department condemnation of Moscow for conducting raids on dozens of NGOs recently, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Rights activists link the searchers to a controversial law forcing foreign-funded NGOs involved in politics to register as foreign agents. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters this week that Washington is providing funding though platforms outside of Russia and called the Russian raids witch hunts.

China’s state-run media says rescue workers have found one body, a day after a massive landslide buried 83 workers at a gold mine in a mountainous area in Tibet. Xinhua news agency said the landslide covered three square kilometers of about two million cubic meters of dirt early Friday morning, burying a worker’s camp at the mining site about 870 kilometers east of Lhasa, the Tibetan capital. Search efforts are being hampered by continuing smaller landslides, the 4,600-meter altitude and below freezing temperatures which are affecting the abilities of the search dogs. More than 2,000 rescuers have been dispatched to the area.

Officials in southern Pakistan say men armed with guns and grenades attacked a school, killing the principal and wounding at least six children. The children between the ages of five and ten were attending an awards ceremony today at a Karachi school when the attacker struck. There has been no immediate claim of responsibility. Also in northwestern Pakistan today, officials say a suicide bomber killed a policeman and wounded six other people.

Kenya’s Supreme Court is to present its ruling today on the credibility of March 4th presidential election, which was marred by technical issues. A court-ordered audit has shown discrepancies in the vote tallying. VOA’s Gabe Joselow reports from Nairobi.

Gabe Joselow: “On the last day of arguments Friday, lawyers representing the two presidential candidates, civil society and the electoral commission, discussed a just-released recount of the result from 22 polling stations. Mr. Odinga’s team said the audit showed that vote totals were altered between the local and national tallying centers. Kethi Kilonzo, the lawyer for the Africa Center for Open Governance, said the report also showed the head of the electoral commission announced Mr. Kenyatta’s victory when result from ten polling stations were not yet available. The electoral commission, the IEBC, has defended the result, attributing any discrepancies to human error. Gabe Joselow, Nairobi.“

Christians around the world are preparing to celebrate Easter this Sunday.

At a call sent in Rome, Pope Francis led the faithful in marking a way of cross this week.

I’m Marti Johnson, VOA news in Washington. There is more news on our website at voanews.com.

hamper vt. 妨碍
provocation n. 挑衅;激怒
intermittent adj. 间歇的,断断续续的

朝鲜半岛的武力威胁仍在继续。中国发生一起山体滑坡,因天气原因,搜寻工作受阻,目前已找到一具尸体。Marti Johnson于华盛顿为您报道。

朝鲜今天扬言关闭与韩国合办的工业公司。这是朝鲜政府针对韩国国防部发表的呼吁朝鲜政府停止“不可接受的挑衅行为“的声明所作出的最新回应。韩国国防部今天同时警告称韩国军队严阵以待,如有挑衅,将对朝鲜严惩不贷。朝鲜官方朝中社发布声明对韩国回击称朝鲜已经进入对韩战争状态,所有朝韩两国之间的问题都将予以清算。声明发布后,因被黑客攻击,数家朝鲜网站今天断断续续被中断。除了武力威胁之外,韩国表示还未发现其他威胁。VOA通讯记者Steve Herman尽其所能从首尔为您报道。

Steve Herman:“分析人士指出,这是自1953年朝韩停战后首次有朝鲜官方媒体做出这样的声明。国际危机集团朝鲜事务高级分析师Daniel Pinkston表示,这项前所未有的声明引发了有关朝鲜错误估计自身实力的顾虑。“

Daniel Pinkston:“问题在于,我并未看到朝鲜有退缩的意图,同时朝鲜也没有给自己留任何退路。“

Steve Herman:“他解释道,这一切归因于朝鲜这个封闭又贫穷的国家所采取的的是极为冒险而又代价高昂的军国主义政策。“

Daniel Pinkston:“对于听到该项声明的朝鲜人民而言,这是一个非常明显的信号,无疑金正恩是想通过此举来巩固自己的统治地位。“

Steve Herman:“金正恩在父亲金正日于2011年去世后继任,成为朝鲜最高领导人,他在周五发表的声明中表示,朝鲜军队已经做好准备,要和美国‘算总账’。Steve Herman,VOA新闻首尔报道。“


在美国国务院谴责俄方近期对非政府组织包括国际特she组织和human rights观察组织的突击检查后,俄罗斯外交部发言人Alexander Lukashevich 做出以上谴责。权利激进分子认为搜查事件与一条颇具争议的法律有关,该法律强迫有政治背景的外国投资非政府组织登记为外国机构。美国国务院发言人Victoria Nuland告诉记者,本周华盛顿将通过俄罗斯以外的平台向非政府组织提供资金,并称此次俄方搜查为政治迫害。





肯尼亚最高法院今天对3月4日总统大选投票结果进行裁决,但却遇到了技术问题。法院要求的审计发现投票计数出现差异。美国之音Gabe Joselow从内罗比为您发回的报道。






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