【整理】VOA 2013-06-12 土耳其暴乱



2013-7-2 11:15

【整理】VOA 2013-06-12 土耳其暴乱


From Washington, this is VOA news. Turkish riot police and protesters clash; civilian casualties soar in Afghanistan. I'm Ray Kugler reporting from Washington.

Turkish's largest city Istanbul was a scene of more protesters today as nationwide unrest continues against the government. Turkey's Prime Minister plans to meet with demonstrators Wednesday. Dorian Jones reports.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has previously called demonstrators "looters", warning them that his patience was limited. But his deputy confirmed the Prime Minister had agreed to meet the protesters. The square along with the adjacent Gezi Park has been the center of 11 days of nationwide unrest against the government. The initial protest was against government plans to redevelop Gezi park but has increasingly focused on what demonstrators claim is the increasingly authoritarian rule of the prime minister. Dorian Jones, VOA news, Istanbul.

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up Tuesday at the central square of the Syrian capital Damascus, ending up killing at least 14 people, activists and Syrian state media say one of the explosions took place inside a police station and that many among the dead were policemen. The state television blamed terrorist suicide bombers for the explosions.

The United Nations say civilian casualties from the conflict in Afghanistan have increased dramatically this year. The grim numbers come as seventeen people were killed by a Taliban suicide bomber Tuesday near Afghanistan's Supreme Court. VOA's Sharon Behn has more on the UN details.

Civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence at Afghanistan, according to a UN report, more than 3,000 civilians have been killed and wounded in the first five months of this year. A fifth of those were children. The head of the UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan Jan Kubis says the situation in the country has worsened.

Targeting civilians is a crime punishable, and people targeting civilians will be punished for this.

Kubis says the rate of civilians dying from insurgent complex attacks involving bombs, rockets and other weapons have gone up 800% compared to two years ago. Sharon Behn, VOA news, Islamabad.

Witnesses say a Tibetan Buddhist nun has set herself on fire in China's southwestern Sichuan Province in an apparent protest against China's policies in Tibet. Sources told VOA the identified nun self-immolated afternoon near a monastery in the Tawu district. Her condition was not immediately known.

South Korea's high-level talks with the North set to begin Wednesday in Seoul have been postponed definitely because of a dispute about who would lead the respective delegations. The South Korean Unification Ministry says the North notified Seoul that it will not send a delegation to the planned talks because it objectives to a South Korea vice minister heading the South's delegation.

The US government is investigating whether the disclosure of a highly-classified US surveillance program by Edward Snowden was criminal. Snowden said Sunday he is the source for news report of the US national security agency's monitoring of phone calls and Internet data for threats of Terrorism, a program that Obama administration says keeps American safe from terrorists, Snowden's whereabouts were unknown since he checked out of a Hong Kong hotel on Monday.

President Obama says the moment is now to reform the US immigration system, Mr Obama spoke about it at the White House Tuesday, shortly before the Senate was to take its first votes on the legislation. VOA's Kent Klein has more.

Mr Obama said overhauling America's dysfunctional immigration system can not wait.

The system is still broken, and to truly deal with this issue, Congress needs to act. And that moment is now.

The legislation being considered would create a path to citizenship for many of the 11 million people who were in the country illegally. It would also further strengthening security of the US-Mexican border, in addition, Mr Obama said the legislation would make it easier for foreign students to stay in the United States. He said existing laws encourage people to study here but to take their knowledge elsewhere. Kent Klein, VOA news, the White House.

South Africa says former president Nelson Mandela remains in serious but stable condition at a Pretoria hospital. He was hospitalized last Saturday for a lung infection, the forth time to be hospitalized for that problem since last December. Mr Mandela is 94.

New York city mayor Micheal Bloomberg is proposing an almost $20 billion plan to protect New York city from storms and rising sea levels due to global warming. The plan includes a permanent 15-20-foot levee in part of Staten Island and a system of gates and levees in Brooklyn as well as upgrades in the city's power and telecommunications infrastructure.

I'm Ray Kugler,VOA news, more at voanews.com.





联合国称今年阿富汗在冲突中丧生的平民人数急剧上升。随这一严峻统计数据而来的是,周二在阿富汗最高法院附近发生一起自杀性炸弹袭击,造成17人死亡。 VOA 莎朗-本在联合国为您带来详细报道。















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