【整理】VOA 2013-07-24 埃及流血冲突升级



2013-8-9 10:13

【整理】VOA 2013-07-24 埃及流血冲突升级


From Washington, this is VOA news. More deadly violence in Egypt. Britain's new royal baby presented to the world. I'm Ray Kouguell reporting from Washington.

More fighting between backers and opponents of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi killed 9 people Tuesday, despite pleas for calm by interim president Adly Mansour. Egyptian officials say the violence broke out near a sit-in by Morsi's supporters at Cairo University. The pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood says the anti-Morsi side attacked the peaceful protest ,while police accuse protesters of starting the violence. Egypt's military-backed government is going ahead with plans for a political transition, following the ouster of president Morsi. VOA's Andre de Nesnera spoke with former US national security adviser Brent Scowcroft about what United States can do to help.

Scowcroft says the United States must help in developing a strategy to restore Egypt's economic and political stability.

What's needed is to put together a structure which can complete the building of an Egyptian political system that is, you know, with the constitution, with elections, with government there broadly reflect the interest of the electorate.

The former national security adviser says Washington also is helping in other ways.

One of the most encouraging thing that has happened is that our Secretary of Defense now talks almost daily with the head of the Egyptian military, I think that's profoundly beneficial.

Andre de Nesnera for VOA news, Washington.

Al-Qaida is claiming responsibility for coordinated attacks in Iraq this week that freed hundreds of prisoners from two sites in the outskirts of Baghdad.The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant said in a statement on jihadist forums Tuesday it carried out the attacks on the high security prisons of Abu Ghraib and Taji,freeing more than 500 militants. Iraqi officials say at least 25 guards were killed during the attacks.

An explosion in eastern Afghanistan killed three NATO coalition service members Tuesday. Afghan officials say it happened in Wardak province located southwest of the capital Kabul.

A British media outlet says it has obtained Pakistani government document showing that US drone strikes at militant targets in Pakistan have killed many more civilians than U.S. officials have acknowledged. The Non-profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism says Pakistani documents listed 147 civilian death in the U.S. drone attacks between 2006 and 2009.It said the figure represented one fifth of the total death recorded in the period with Pakistani authorities confirming that most of the rest were militants.

A new study by the Mercer global consulting firm says Angolan capital Luanda tops a list of the world's most expensive city for expatriates. In its annual cost-of-living survey of more than 200 cities, Mercer considered factors such as housing cost, transportation and food in compiling its list of the ten most expensive cities. Mercer spokesman Steven Nurney told VOA several factors have driven up costs for foreigners working in the capital of oil-rich Angola.

The cost of high-quality imported goods is very high there and probably the most significant aspect of costs there is the fact that high-quality and secure and I underscore the word secure, rental accommodations are very expensive there.

Mercer says Moscow is the second most expensive city for expatriates ,followed by Tokyo, which topped the list last year.

Rescuers in the earthquake-hit area of northwest China continued to search through the rubble of collapsed buildings as the death toll climbed to 94. Soldiers and other rescue personnel are digging through houses buried by landslides in the province of Gansu where the quake struck early Monday.

Just the day after his arrival in the world, Britain's third-in-line to the throne entered the global spotlight in the arms of his mother Kate.Henry Ridgwell has details from London.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stood on the hospital steps, the proud parents of a boy unfaced by the attention of the world's media. William and Kate brought him over to waiting reporters.

He's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. He is a big boy, he's quite heavy.

It's very emotional, it's such a special time, I think any parent having probably this sort of fun know what's the feeling feels like.

Moments later, a royal car appeared, William already getting used to the practicalities of fatherhood fitted the car seat before driving his new family home.Henry Ridgwell for VOA news, London.

And I'm Ray Kouguell ,VOA news. Details on these and other stories on our website on the internet at voanews.com.


尽管埃及临时总统阿德勒·曼苏尔一再呼吁双方保持冷静,被罢前总统穆罕默德 · 穆尔西的拥护方与反对方依旧冲突不断。本周二,冲突升级,导致9人死亡。埃及官方称,穆尔西拥护者在开罗大学静坐示威,暴力事件由此发生。穆尔西拥护方穆斯林兄弟会称,穆尔西反对者恶意攻击和平的抗议行动,警方则指责示威者首先动用暴力。罢黜前总统穆尔西后,埃及军方支持下的临时政府一直在推进各项政治转型计划。关于美国在本事件中能给予何种援助,VOA记者安德鲁·德·奈斯纳采访了美国前国防顾问布伦特•斯考克罗特。





Andre de Nesnera,VOA新闻华盛顿报道。

本周,巴格达近郊两所监狱遭袭,数百名囚犯逃脱,基地组织声称对此负责。伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国于周二在伊斯兰圣战组织网站上声称是其对Abu Ghraib和Taji两所高戒备监狱进行了袭击,致使500多名战犯逃脱。伊拉克官员表示,袭击共造成至少25名监狱守卫死亡。







就在降生后的第二天,英国王位的连续第三位继承人躺在母亲Kate王妃的怀中出现在世人面前。以下是Henry Ridgwell从伦敦发回的详细报道。





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