2015-6-10 11:54



Afghanistan's president was forced to briefly delay his trip to India after hundreds of Taliban attacked police and army check posts in the northern Kunduz province Monday. Ayaz Gul has more.

“Fighting has been raging in the northern border province of Kunduz since Friday, when the Taliban launched its annual "spring offensive" across Afghanistan. The insurgents claimed to have overrun several military posts and inflicted heavy casualties on Afghan forces in and around the provincial capital. Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi tells VOA the Afghan army and police have sent reinforcements to the region. ‘We are trying to ensure that we can prevent attacks from the enemy.’ The spokesman dismissed worries the Taliban is close to seizing parts of the provincial capital. Ayaz Gul, Islamabad.“

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spring offensive:春季攻势

周一数百名塔利班组织成员在昆都士省北部袭击警方及军队的哨所,阿富汗总统被迫暂时推迟出访印度的行程。阿亚兹 阿古尔发来更多报道。

塔利班组织在阿富汗境内发动了一年一度的“春季攻势“, 周五开始在昆都士省北部边境地区战火就在一直持续。叛乱分子声称已经占领了一些军事哨所并且在省会及周边地区给阿富汗军队造成重大伤亡。内务部发言人赛迪克告诉VOA, 阿富汗军队及警方已经向该地区派遣增援部队。他还称:“我们正在竭尽所能确保能够阻止敌人的袭击。发言人对于塔利班马上就要占领首府的担忧予以反驳。 阿亚兹 阿古尔在伊斯兰堡报道。 


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