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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is in Burundi for a visit aimed at calming a political crisis that has embroiled the country for almost a year. Mr. Ban arrived in the capital Bujumbura, Monday, ahead of scheduled meeting with the country's politicians and civil society groups. His visit comes a month after a U.N. Security Council delegation travelled to the country to press for negotiations between President Pierre Nkurunziza and his opponents. Ahead of the visit, four people were killed in two grenade attacks in the capital. Burundi has been mired in a sometimes violent political crisis since April of last year, when Mr. Nkurunziza sought and won what is widely seen as an unconstitutional third term. In Washington, I’m Dave DeForest. That’s the latest world news from VOA.

【Key Points】

1.grenade attacks 手榴弹攻击

2.mire v.深陷...泥沼

联合国秘书长潘基文近日访问布隆迪,旨在平复已经席卷该国近一年的政治危机。潘基文已于星期一,在事先安排与该国政治家和平民社会群体的会议前抵达布隆迪的首都——布琼布拉。一个月前,联合国安全理事会代表团就已抵达布隆迪,迫切要求与总统皮埃尔▪ 恩库伦齐扎和他的反对者进行洽谈,潘基文的此次访问是在这之后。在此次访问前,布琼布拉已有4人在两次手榴弹攻击中被杀。布隆迪在去年四月开始就时常陷入暴力政治冲突中,因为恩库伦齐扎获得了选举并第三次连任总统,这在外界看来是违反宪法规定的。这里是华盛顿,我是戴夫▪德福雷斯特。以上是来自VOA的最新世界新闻。


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