VOA双语新闻:俄罗斯欢迎川普胜选 希望改善俄美关系



2016-11-14 17:00



俄罗斯欢迎川普胜选 希望改善俄美关系





Russia Welcomes Trump Victory, Hopes for Better Relations

Russia warmly welcomed the U.S. presidential election victory of Donald Trump with officials, analysts, and ordinary citizens cautiously hoping it could turn a new page in relations between Russia and the United States. Russian analysts say there are still many unknowns about Trump and whether his campaign rhetoric will translate into policy.

A mock election organized by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was quickly overtaken by startling results in the real presidential race.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump, saying he hoped to work together with the next American president to lift relations out of the current crisis. On the streets of Moscow, Trump’s victory was welcomed by most Russians.

But Russian media coverage and praise for Trump during his campaign raised expectations for a man unknown to politics who was not supposed to win and whose policies are not yet clear.

Regardless of hopes and expectations, a U.S. led by Donald Trump begins a new chapter in relations with Russia.

激烈选战结束 权力交接开始






Transition of Power Begins After Hard Fought US Election

American voters elected Donald Trump as the country's next president. After a long, bitter and often divisive race for the White House, work began on the clean transfer of power, a bedrock principle of American democracy.

Following a bruising political contest, President-Elect Donald Trump sought to pave the way for reuniting the country.

Hillary Clinton offered to work with Trump to end partisan divides as a part of the transition.

Now, the Obama administration will work together with Trump's transition team to hire new government personnel, including selecting a new cabinet to run the country. President Obama offered his cooperation to ensure the peaceful transfer of power.

The Presidential transition process culminates January 20th with the ceremonial inauguration marking the beginning of the Trump presidency.