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Myanmar Refugees in Thai Camps Facing Repatriation Challenges

Efforts to repatriate over 98,000 ethnic Burmese refugees to Myanmar with United Nations support are making slow progress but coming under growing pressure as international donors cut funds to camps in Thailand where the refugees are living.

Humanitarian workers say the funding pressures come against a back drop of security uncertainties as well as issues of inadequate infrastructure and health systems in southeast Myanmar after years of conflict.

The nine camps on the Thai border have been in place since the mid-1980s as refugees flooded into Thailand to escape conflict between armed ethnic armies and the Myanmar military.

But programs to repatriate the refugees have increased as Myanmar, also known as Burma, has moved to democracy after the election of the civilian government under Aung San Suu Kyi in 2015.



跟踪全美各地违约通知、拍卖和银行收回等活动的房地产数据提供商ATTOM Data Solutions表示,这些活动的数量比一年前降低了百分之23,这意味着有7万7千多名房屋所有者没有按期支付房贷,银行采取了某种措施让他们的欠贷能够还上。



Study: US Foreclosure Activity Drops To Lowest Level Since 2005

Housing foreclosure activity in the United States dropped to the lowest level since 2005 last month, according to a business research group.

ATTOM Data Solutions tracks default notices, auctions, and bank repossessions across the nation and says the number of actions dropped 23 percent from a year ago. That means more than 77,000 homeowners missed payments and banks took some kind of action to try to get their loans repaid.

Severe problems in the U.S. housing market, and sales of securities backed by sometimes faulty mortgages, played a key role in the financial crisis, which is one reason that investors and economists watch the housing market closely.

Seattle, Washington was the city that did the best in this study, with the number of foreclosure notices dropping 38 percent from the same time a year ago. Atlantic City, New Jersey had the worst foreclosure problem in this study, with one out of every 237 housing units getting a notice of some kind.