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据有关官员和分析人士消息,自从伊斯兰国声称在新年前夜制造了伊斯坦布尔莱纳夜总会致命袭击事件后,土耳其 一直在强化对伊斯兰国激进分子的打击。







Turkey Intensifies Crackdown on Islamic State

Turkey has intensified its crackdown on Islamic State-associated militants since the deadly New Year's Eve attack on Istanbul's Reina nightclub that was claimed by IS, according to officials and analysts.

Data gathered by a private Turkish firm says eight IS militants have been killed in Turkey this year, with nearly 500 others arrested and 525 convicted.

In addition, Turkey says its recently completed military operation in northern Syria, known as Euphrates Shield, killed 2,288 IS members since it began last August, including 750 this year.

In past years, Turkey came under blistering criticism for allowing IS militants from other countries to gain passage into neighboring Syria and Iraq and allowing IS sympathizers to gain havens in the southeast of the country.

Turkey has been targeted by IS militants several times including the Reina attack by an Uzbek gunman that took 39 lives and wounded many others.

As the threat from IS became clear, Turkey took on a larger role in the coalition campaign against IS in Syria and Iraq in mid-2015 and began a systematic crackdown internally.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak, 74,000 foreigners who came to Turkey to enter Syria and join IS have been caught and expelled in the last two years.






Floods, Mudslides Kill 180 in Sri Lanka

Search and rescue teams in southwestern Sri Lanka worked Monday to locate and evacuate people affected by days of floods and mudslides from monsoon rains that have killed 180 people.

The country's Disaster Management Center said more than 100 people were missing, and that about 75,000 people had taken shelter in relief camps set up in the south and west.

It added that floodwaters were retreating in the worst-hit areas, but that the need for immediate humanitarian relief supplies remained high.

The military has used aircraft, boats and troops on the ground to try to reach those in need of help. In all, the flooding has affected more than 550,000 people.