经济学人双语版:面试 Job interviews



2014-11-25 16:16

经济学人双语版:面试 Job interviews


经济学人:面试 Job interviews

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Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? By William Poundstone.

Whom to hire is one of the great problems organization-man faces. If he gets it wrong he may be forced to share a confined space for an indefinite period with someone deficient in wit, aptitude and hygiene, with nothing but a flimsy partition for protection. If he gets it wrong in a different way, tomorrow he may be fired by today's meek applicant. Each industry has its own method for hiring: Britain's spy service sometimes physically roughs-up new recruits to see how much they enjoy that sort of thing. Candidates for more everyday roles within the civil service are given a bulging in-tray filled with documents of varying importance, and not enough time to clear it.

To judge by “Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?“—which combines anecdotes from current and former employees of Silicon Valley firms, with a potted history of the pop psychology and practice of interviewing, and lots of brainteasers of a sort favored by interviewers at Google— plenty of firms treat graduate recruitment the way Alfred Hitchcock treated blondes. Inexperienced Tippi Hedrens can be made to squirm. They get asked impossible questions by stony-faced interviewers who offer them no feedback or encouragement, leaving the baffled victims feeling stupid and a little sweaty. This approach is used only on people starting out on their careers, when the power of interviewer over interviewee is at its greatest. By the time candidates have more professional experience they can expect to be treated more like Grace Kelly.
《你是否聪明过人能进谷歌》一书中的生动事例发生在硅谷很多公司现在或曾经的雇员身上,中间不乏浓缩的通俗心理学历史和面试经验,还有谷歌面试官偏爱的脑筋急转弯-很多公司对待来应聘的毕业生就像希区柯克对待金发女郎一样。毫无经验的蒂比•赫德伦们(Tippi Hedren)也可以被弄得面红耳赤。面试者被面目表情的面试官追问没有答案的问题,既得不到反馈也得不到鼓励,自己既摸不清头脑,又觉得很愚蠢,还有点吃力。这种方法只应用于刚刚步入职场的菜鸟身上,在这类面试者身上面试官的威力是最大的。等应聘者的职业经验更丰富了,他们就会被像格蕾丝•凯利(Grace Kelly)一样对待。

At the end of this ordeal, once “the package“ (a dossier of 40-50 pages on each applicant) has been considered and Larry Page, Google's chief executive, approves the decision, the firm's new employee can boast of working at an interesting place with lots of other clever people. Sometimes, though, the rigorous hiring process does such a good job of signaling that a career at Google is desirable that actually starting work there can be anticlimactic.
严酷的考验结束后,一旦“一揽子“档案(每个应聘者都有40-50页厚的档案)通过核实进去,谷歌的行政总裁拉里•佩吉(Larry Page)也通过了决定,新人就可以骄傲地向别人宣布自己将会在这个妙趣横生的地方工作,和其他很多聪明人一起。尽管有时候严格的应聘过程确实有力地证明了在谷歌开展自己的事业是值得的,但是真正开始工作起来感觉可能大相径庭。

One former worker in Google's People Ops department (the section other companies call HR), told the author that, within days of leaving university, he went from reading the works of Jacques Derrida, an indecipherable theorist, to processing requests from Google employees wishing to move position within the organization. He did not see this as a good thing.